Major contribution from Mrs. Vaishali Khandekar

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The literary couple Arun and Vaishali have been ardent supporters of KViK from the beginning. Tailoring course for women from the nearby villages to make them self-reliant has been a dream for Vaishali who contributed by “Tanu, Mana, Dhana” to get the course off the ground ! The initiative got further boost when, responding to our another ardent supporter Rajalakshmi Natarajan’s call, many friends and well-wishers donated their unused sewing machines to KViK.

Allround support

Support for KViK is growing by the day. Sri Sai Santoshimata Charitable Trust, Arakere, Bangalore has come forward to sponsor the course fee for poor students on a regular basis. Many known and un-known people are contributing to KViK either in cash or in kind. They include, M/s. Vikram & Akhila Santurkar, Shashikant, Vandana & Kannan, Suguna Varadarajan, and so on…..We are indebted to all of them.

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