KViK participates in 5th AFI Forum

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Action For India invited CEO Mr. Hegde to participate in its 5th forum in Delhi on 30-31, Jan. 2016. Only 100 social entrepreneurs were invited to interact with 100 mentors, angel investors, venture capitalists, sectors specialists and funding agencies. There were many panel discussions on matters of importance, particularly to start ups. The last panel discussion was moderated by the high profile Sonia Singh of NDTV and this was telecast by NDTV on 7th Feb at 9:30 p.m. Panel included M/s. Amitabh Kant, CEO Niti Ayog, Sam Pitroda, ex. Director, Telecom Mission, Aravind Gupta, Secretary GOI, Rajiv Gowda, MP and two others. The theme was ‘ Promoting Social Entrepreneurs’ for poverty alleviation and economic growth.

It was a great opportunity for KViK to network with many social entrepreneurs, learn from their experiences, meet mentors, funding agencies and keep abreast with technology. Many successful social entrepreneurs shared their experience. CEO of KViK will follow up on this meetings for further collaboration.


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