KViK fine arts team marches ahead

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Creating awareness among villagers and slum dwellers about career opportunities by learning vocational skills has never been such an enjoyable activity! KViK Fine Arts team, consisting of its staff and trainers, staged their 4th and 5th street play at government schools at Anekal and Chandapura villages on 24th Jan.2017. The team’s members are Ms. Sumathi, Ms. Janet, Ms. Padma, Ms.Kavitha, Mr.Srinivasan, Mr. Aswath and Mr. Ningaraju Madhu. They were trained by Mr. Subramanya, a multi faceted artist of great accomplishment and repute. The 12 minute skit did the ‘career counselling’ while entertaining them all the way! Teachers at both the schools lauded the initiative and pledged to spread the message.

Mr. Mohan Kumar from Sansera Engineering, a benefactor of KViK, facilitated the program.

At Hennagara village near Anekal, South Bengaluru:

dsc_0489 dsc_0493 dsc_0497 dsc_0498











At Chhatrakhane village near Chandapura:

:dsc_0558 dsc_0570 dsc_0572 dsc_0605

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